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瀧川 奈義夫 岡山大学病院 血液・腫瘍・呼吸器・アレルギー内科 Kaken ID researchmap
松崎 孝 岡山大学病院 麻酔科蘇生科
勝井 邦彰 岡山大学病院 放射線科 ORCID Kaken ID publons
木浦 勝行 岡山大学病院 血液・腫瘍・呼吸器・アレルギー内科 ORCID Kaken ID publons researchmap
谷本 光音 岡山大学病院 血液・腫瘍・呼吸器・アレルギー内科 Kaken ID publons researchmap
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We report a case of cancer-related pain relieved by a polyhedral approach. A woman in her late 30s with advanced non small cell lung cancer suffered from back pain caused by the cancer invasion to a thoracic vertebra. She could not take a sufficient dose of opioid due to its adverse effects. A supplementary analgesic was not found to be effective. Palliative radiation was considered desirable, but she could not maintain a dorsal position for irradiation due to back pain. Continuous epidural anesthesia was then introduced. Epidural anesthesia allowed her to lie in a spine position for radiation therapy. After completion of radiation therapy, her back pain was relieved with a low dose of transdermal fentanyl without epidural anesthesia.
癌性疼痛 (cancer-related pain)
硬膜外ブロック (epidural anesthesia)
放射線療法 (radiation therapy)