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犬飼 道雄 岡山大学医学部・歯学部附属病院 腫瘍胸部外科
市場 晋吾 岡山大学医学部・歯学部附属病院 救急部
津田 美佳子 岡山大学医学部・歯学部附属病院 救急部
藤村 直幸 岡山大学医学部・歯学部附属病院 救急部
氏家 良人 岡山大学医学部・歯学部附属病院 救急部 Kaken ID publons
市原 周治 岡山大学医学部・歯学部附属病院 腫瘍胸部外科
青江 基 岡山大学医学部・歯学部附属病院 腫瘍胸部外科
佐野 由文 岡山大学医学部・歯学部附属病院 腫瘍胸部外科
伊達 洋至 岡山大学医学部・歯学部附属病院 腫瘍胸部外科
清水 信義 岡山大学医学部・歯学部附属病院 腫瘍胸部外科
Thoracic trauma is rarely managed by major thoracotomy. We report a 61-year-old male patient with pulmonaryabscess after severe thoracic trauma, who was managed successfully by major thoracotomy. The patient was injured after a fall from a height of 6 meters.He developed multiple rib fractures with right flail chest, pulmonary contusion,right hemo-pneumothorax, and subcutaneous emphysema.He was intubated and ventilated, and his chest was drainaged. He had been managed with conservative treatment initially. However he developed a pulmonary abscess in the right lung that was unresponsive to CT-guided drainage therapy. The right lower lobectomy was performed on the 23rd day after his injury. His general condition greatly recovered and all the chest drains were removed on the 45th post trauma day. He was discharged from the hospital on the 86th post operative day. He was considered now fully recovered at 7 months after the accident.
胸部外傷 (Chest trauma)
肺膿瘍 (Pulmonary abscess)
肺挫傷 (Pulmonary contusion)
肺葉切除術 (Lobectomy)