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Study of Galon U Saw’s Experiences in Japan in 1935

エイ タンダー アウン 岡山大学大学院社会文化科学研究科
This paper deals mainly with the relations between Myanmar and Japan. In this study, a prominent figure from Myanmar politics who visited Japan and his endeavor to develop the relations between the two countries will be presented. At the beginning of the 20th century, the cordial relations between Myanmar and Japan did not exist. In 1907 Sayadaw U Ottama’s visit to Japan that the Myanmar began to take an interest in Japan. After Japan appeared as a modernized nation, the reform movements and achievements of Japanese was emulated by Myanmar. Likewise, it is assured that Myanmar nationals such as political leaders and entrepreneurs from all sectors have the desires to achieve as an Asian country like Japan. Therefore, how did the prominent figures from Myanmar nationals at that time study and observe about the achievements of Japan will be discussed in this paper. Moreover, the advantages of the Japanese developed achievement under observation and the some disadvantages of Myanmar under British administration and the necessary factors to make reforms will be researched. By conducting this research, it aimed to know not only the efforts to develop the Japan – Myanmar relations at present but also efforts to develop the relations in the past and it also aimed to observe costumes and traditions of both countries. The primary and secondary sources to write this paper was obtained from the National Library of Myanmar, Universities’Central Library, University of Yangon Library, University of Maubin Library and Internet Archive.
論説 (Article)