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Author Sato, Masaya| Taniguchi, Hideo| Yamauchi, Toshihiro|
Keywords virtual machine monitor file manipulation system call proxy essential services
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Published Date 2019-05-28
Publication Title International Journal of Space-Based and Situated Computing
Volume volume9
Issue issue1
Publisher Inderscience Enterprises
Start Page 1
End Page 10
ISSN 20444893
Content Type Journal Article
language 英語
OAI-PMH Set 岡山大学
File Version author
DOI 10.1504/IJSSC.2019.100007
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Author Okayasu, Mitsuhiro| Sato, Masaya| Ishida, Daiki| Senuma, Takehide|
Keywords Steel Hydrogen embrittlement; Trapping site Niobium carbide; ε-carbide
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Published Date 2020-06-18
Publication Title Materials Science and Engineering: A
Volume volume791
Publisher Elsevier
Start Page 139598
ISSN 0921-5093
NCID AA10720420
Content Type Journal Article
language 英語
OAI-PMH Set 岡山大学
Copyright Holders © 2020 Elsevier B.V.
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DOI 10.1016/j.msea.2020.139598
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Author Moriyama, Hideaki| Yamauchi, Toshihiro| Sato, Masaya| Taniguchi, Hideo|
Published Date 2020-08-20
Publication Title Advances in Networked-Based Information Systems
Content Type Conference Paper
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Author Imamura, Yuta| Orito, Rintaro| Uekawa, Hiroyuki| Chaikaew, Kritsana| Leelaprute, Pattara| Sato, Masaya| Yamauchi, Toshihiro|
Keywords Android WebView Web access monitoring Web security Threat analysis Fake virus alert
Published Date 2021-01-19
Publication Title International Journal of Information Security
Publisher Springer
ISSN 1615-5262
NCID AA11872752
Content Type Journal Article
language 英語
OAI-PMH Set 岡山大学
Copyright Holders © The Author(s) 2021
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DOI 10.1007/s10207-020-00534-3
Web of Science KeyUT 000608957200001
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