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Title Alternative Evaluation of adult nursing practices using self-assessment form - analysis in 3rd and 5th weeks of practice -
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Author Ohta, Niwa| Ikeda, Toshiko| Ohi, Nobuko| Kageyama, Jingo| Kanao, Naomi| Kobayashi, Yu| Hayashi, Yuko|
Abstract この研究目的は,実習目標の達成度に対する学生の自己評価を明らかにすることである。調査対象は短大の看護学科3年生74名である。調査は自記式の調査票により成人看護実習の3週後と終了時の5週後に行った。この自己評価は実習目標11項目について5件法で行った。その結果,患者理解,患者指導,自己の内面の気づきなど目標は,3週後より5週間の実習によってより評価が高くなった。最も自己評価が低いのは社会資源の活用の理解であった。悪性の患者を受け持った学生の方は良性の患者の受け持ち学生より,人間としての態度や死生観などに関して5週後有意に高値であった。今後の課題は,限られた実習期間内で,学生個々の経験をどのように共有させるかや患者の福祉について理解を深めることである。
Abstract Alternative The purpose of this study was to evaluate the adult nursing practices using a self-assessment form. Seventy-four third-grade nursing students assessed 11 items in the 3rd and 5th weeks of practice. The scores of all assessment items in the 5th week were significantly higher than these in the 3rd week. The lowest scoreing item at both 3rd and 5th weeks was understanding of the utility of social resources. The students assigned patients with malignant diseases reported higher scores on 3 assessment items. These findings suggest that students should share their experiences and learn about social resources during clinical practice.
Keywords 実習目標 (goal in practice) 自己評価 (self-assessment) 成人看護実習 (adult nursing practice) 看護学生 (nursing student) 実習期間 (period of practice)
Publication Title 岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要
Published Date 1998-01-31
Volume volume8
Issue issue2
Start Page 147
End Page 155
ISSN 0917-4494
language 日本語
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Title Alternative Attempts to create the amenity from the nursing point of view - Through approach by using the wrapping skills -
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Author Ono, Kiyomi| Hayashi, Yuko| Ohi, Nobuko| Okuda, Hiroyuki| Yamaoka, Kiyonori|
Abstract 病院におけるアメニティの重要性は十数年前から言われているが,それは建物の建築の時だけでなく,その後療養の場所をどのように維持し,快適環境を患者にいつまでも提供していくかである。これまで日常の看護業務において掲示物やパンフレットの置き方,床頭台のあり方などは整理整頓の一環で病棟管理の中にあった。だが,もう一つの流れがある。ウイリアム・モリスは生活の中における芸術化を考え,生活用品そのものに美しきと手作りの良さがあることを提唱した。こうした生活デザインの流れの中で,本研究では本学科棟内において床頭台のディスプレイや掲示の仕方,パンフレットの置き方など,ラッピング技法を使用し,入院生活上のアメニティの創出を試みた。その後,ラッピング技法を用いたアメニティ創出の試みは患者の心を癒す可能性のあることを明らかにした。また,ラッピング技法使用上の留意点についても指摘した。
Abstract Alternative The importance of producing the comfortable environment, namely to create the amenity for the patients admitted in the hospitals, has been recognized recently. In this study, to create the better amenity for admitted patients' daily life by the nurses, we examined the influence of the ways of displaying, placing and decorating the daily materials, such as booklets, tea cups, letters and etc. on a bed side table, using the wrapping skills. As a result, we found out that creating the amenity using the wrapping skills might be useful for the admitted patients' care and their mental healing. Furthermore, we indicated some important points when using the wrapping skills, such as selecting appropriate materials and methods suiting for each subjected matter.
Keywords アメニティ (amenity) ラッピング (wrapping skill) 入院生活 (life in hospital) 色彩 (color) 癒し (care healing)
Publication Title 岡山大学医学部保健学科紀要
Published Date 2001-12-25
Volume volume12
Issue issue1
Start Page 27
End Page 36
ISSN 1345-0948
language 日本語
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JaLCDOI 10.18926/11910
Title Alternative Self-evaluation ability of nursing college students on basic nursing care technics
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Author Ohi, Nobuko| Kondou, Masuko| Ikeda, Toshiko| Tokunaga, Junko| Nakanishi, Yoshiko| Maeda, Makiko| Takabatake, Harumi| Takata, Setuko|
Abstract 我々は、基礎看護技術の2回の実技試験の結果より、学生の自己評価能力について検討した。1. 2回の実技試験共、学生の自己評価点は教官評価より、約1点高かった。2. 2回目の実技試験の方が、自己評価と教官評価の一致率の高い者が有意に多かった。3. 3分の1の学生が、2回の試験共過大評価の方が多かった。4. 高い一致率を示した評価項目の多くは、評価の視点が明確な動作のものであった。5. 低い一致率を示した評価項目の多くは、評価の視点が判断を必要とするものであった。
Abstract Alternative We studied about self-evaluation ability of the nursing collge students based on two times test on basic nursing care technics. The self-evalution of the students was approximately one point higher than the evaluation of their instractors in the both tests. In the second test, the seif-evaluation of the students coincided in the higher rate with the evaluation of their instructors than in the first test. One-third of the students over-estimated their own basic nursing skills. The item of the evaluation in the high coincidente rate suggests that the evaluation was clear. On the other hand, most of the item of the evaluation in the low rate of coincidence rate sugests that the view point of the evaluation was needed more considerration.
Keywords 自己評価 (self-evaluation) 基礎看護技術 (basic nursing care) 実技試験 nursing college student
Publication Title 岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要
Published Date 1995-01-31
Volume volume5
Start Page 29
End Page 35
ISSN 0917-4494
language 日本語
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Title Alternative An Experiment of the discovery study system in basic nursing technique in intramural practice -Help of eating and excreting-
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Author Nakanishi, Yoshiko| Kondo, Masuko| Ikeda, Toshiko| Tokunaga, Junko| Oi, Nobuko| Maeda, Makiko| Takata, Setuko|
Abstract The content of nursing education and the effective ways of studying nursing have been investigated by teachers of nursing. Therefore, in the lesson of "Basic Nursing Technique" did we examine the educational way in which the students' will to study nursing can be heightened and the students are able to work independently and creatively. we focused on the educational way which adopted the discovery study system in the lessons of "Help of Eating" and "Help of Excreting". From the viewpoint of the students' intention to study and their work, the effect of this educational way was researched according to their self-appreciation. As a result, the following four points were made clear by the introduction of the discovery study system. (1) The students could cooperate more easily in studying nursing. (2) The students' interest in nursing was heightened more than before. (3) The students could enhance their will to study nursing and work independently. (4) The items of "Sense of Purpose" and "Ingenuity" were less evaluaoed than the other items.
Keywords 発見学習 食事の援助 排泄の援助 体験学習 教育効果
Publication Title 岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要
Published Date 1994-01-31
Volume volume4
Start Page 121
End Page 124
ISSN 0917-4494
language 日本語
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JaLCDOI 10.18926/11751
Title Alternative Nursing students' perception of their acquired basic skills in nursing practices : a comparison between a new and an old curriculum
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Author Maeda, Makiko| Kondo, Masuko| Ohta, Niwa| Ikeda, Toshiko| Nakanishi, Yoshiko| Takabatake, Harumi| Ohi, Nobuko| Takata, Setuko|
Abstract 平成2年度改正の新カリキュラムで学んだ学生と旧カリキュラムで学んで学生間に、卒業時の基礎看護技術の到達度に違いがあるかを明らかにするために、看護技術の基本的要素、日常生活の援助技術、診療時の援助技術の49項目の到達度について、3年制課程の3年生に質問紙調査を行った。対象者全体では、到達度の上位10位以内に日常生活の援助技術項目の37%が含まれ、到達度の下位10位以内に診療時の援助技術項目の37%が含まれていた。新カリキュラム群と旧カリキュラム群の比較では、21項目に有意差があった。新カリキュラム群の高い15項目は日常生活の援助技術と看護技術の基本的要素に関するものが多く、旧カリキュラム群が高い6項目は診療時の援助技術が多かった。カリキュラム改正に関係なく、日常生活の援助技術の到達度は高く診療時の援助技術は低い傾向にあったが、カリキュラム改正後はその傾向が強まり、さらに看護技術の基本的要素の到達度はカリキュラム改正後に比較的高くなっていることが明らかになった。新カリキュラムでは臨地実習時間を削減しているが、基礎教育で重視する日常生活の援助技術と看護技術の基本的要素は習得できていると考えられる。
Abstract Alternative A revision was made in a nursing curriculum in 1990. This study examined nursing students' perceived level of acquired 49 basic skills in nursing practices consisting of 11 basal elements of nursing skill, 19 skills in helping patients' daily activities, and 19 skills required in medical situations, comparing students receiving a new curriculum with those receiving an old one. Findings showed that in the rank ordering of all items from the best acquired to the least, collapsed across the two groups of students, 37% of the upper 10 items cocerned the skills in helping patients' daily activities, while 37% of the bottom 10 items concerned the skills required in medical situation. The students receiving the new curriculum perceived themselves better than those reseiving the old one for 15 items that were related with the basal elements of nursing skill and the skills in helping patients' daily activities, while the 6 items in the skills required in medical situations were perceived to be better acquired for the latter than the former students. The finding suggest that the new curriculum produced students who perceive themselves to be better achievers in the basic skills in nursing practices.
Keywords 基礎看護技術 (the basic skills in nursing practices) 到達度の学生評価 (students' perception of their acquirement) カリキュラム改正 (curriculum revision)
Publication Title 岡山大学医療技術短期大学部紀要
Published Date 1996-02-29
Volume volume6
Start Page 47
End Page 53
ISSN 0917-4494
language 日本語
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