Author MINOWA, Hirotsugu| MUNESAWA, Yoshiomi| SUZUKI, Kazuhiko|
Published Date 2012-10-15
Publication Title 安全工学
Volume volume51
Issue issue5
Content Type Journal Article
Author Yang, Zong Xiao| Suzuki, Kazuhiko| Shimada, Yukiyasu| Sayama, Hayatoshi|
Published Date 1995-3
Publication Title Fuzzy Systems
Volume volume1
Content Type Journal Article
JaLCDOI 10.18926/AMO/32194
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Author Suzuki, Kazuhiko| Ogata, Masana|
Abstract <p>Effects of Gabexate mesilate (GM) (([ethyl-4-(6-guanidino hexanoyloxy) benzoate] methane sulfonate)), a protease inhibitor, on the activities of catalase in liver, erythrocytes and reticulocytes from acatalasemic mice were examined. Preincubation without GM at 37 degrees C for 160 min lowered the catalase activities of liver, erythrocytes and reticulocytes from acatalasemic mice, to 24%, 40% and 10% of the initial levels, respectively. But, preincubation with GM at 37 degrees C for 160 min delayed the rapid decrease in activities of residual catalases in the liver, erythrocytes and reticulocytes of acatalasemic mice to 65%, 93% and 85% of the initial values, respectively. At 20 degrees C or below, no reduction in catalase activity of reticulocytes from acatalasemic mice occurred with or even without GM. At pH 5.0, the decrease in catalase activity of acatalasemic mice was small both in the presence and the absence of GM. In the alkaline range, the reduction in the enzyme activity of the mutant mice without GM was enhanced with increase in pH values up to 8.5. But the presence of GM during preincubation at pH 7.5, retained the catalase activity of acatalasemic mice, to 64% of the activity at pH 6.5. These data suggest that some factors affected by GM, might be responsible for the low stability and activity of catalase in the acatalasemic mice.</p>
Keywords acatalasemic mouse residual catalase Gabexate mesilate protease inhibitor
Amo Type Article
Published Date 1991-10
Publication Title Acta Medica Okayama
Volume volume45
Issue issue5
Publisher Okayama University Medical School
Start Page 363
End Page 369
ISSN 0386-300X
NCID AA00508441
Content Type Journal Article
language 英語
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Refereed True
PubMed ID 1755340
Web of Science KeyUT A1991GN53800011
JaLCDOI 10.18926/15511
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Author Ohkura Akira| Kameyama, Yoshimasa| Sayama, Hayatoshi| Suzuki, Kazuhiko| Fukumoto Shuichi|
Abstract AHP can handle decision-making problems involving several criteria when some of these are difficult or impossible to compare other than numerically. When a small group of decision makers settle the multi-criteria problem by AHP, the members of group could not often reach an agreement with hierarchic structure involving objectives, criteria, sub-criteria and alternatives because they have different positions, interests, and opinions. Further, the members have different importances for criteria and sub-criteria, and have dissimilar preferences for alternatives. In this article, we reveal the troubleness of AHP in case of being used by a small group of decision makers. Moreover, we proposed a procedure of AHP which the members of group could easily agree with the structure of problem and the weights of criteria etc.
Publication Title Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University
Published Date 1991-03-28
Volume volume25
Issue issue2
Start Page 55
End Page 67
ISSN 0475-0071
language 英語
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NAID 120002307741
JaLCDOI 10.18926/15391
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Author Shimada, Yukiyasu| Suzuki, Kazuhiko| Sayama, Hayatoshi|
Abstract Neural nets have recently become the focus of much attention, largely because of their wide range of complex and nonlinear problems. This paper presents a new integrated approach using neural networks for diagnosing process failures. The fault propagation in process is modeled by causal relationships from the fault tree and its minimal cut sets. The measurement patterns required for training and testing the neural network were obtained from fault propagation model. The network is able to diagnose even in the presence of malfunction of certain sensors. We demonstrate via a nitric acid cooler process how the neural network can learn and successfully diagnose the faults.
Publication Title Memoirs of the Faculty of Engineering, Okayama University
Published Date 1992-11-25
Volume volume27
Issue issue1
Start Page 33
End Page 44
ISSN 0475-0071
language 英語
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NAID 120002307902
Author 鈴木 和彦|
Published Date 1991-12-31
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Content Type Thesis or Dissertation