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Author Watanabe, Masutaka| Arita, Seizaburo| Hashizume, Hiroyuki| Honda, Mitsugi| Nishida, Keiichiro| Ozaki, Toshifumi|
Abstract The purpose of this study was to quantitatively evaluate Akahori's preoperative classification of cubital tunnel syndrome. We analyzed the results for 57 elbows that were treated by a simple decompression procedure from 1997 to 2004. The relationship between each item of Akahori's preoperative classification and clinical stage was investigated based on the parameter distribution. We evaluated Akahori's classification system using multiple regression analysis, and investigated the association between the stage and treatment results. The usefulness of the regression equation was evaluated by analysis of variance of the expected and observed scores. In the parameter distribution, each item of Akahori's classification was mostly associated with the stage, but it was difficult to judge the severity of palsy. In the mathematical evaluation, the most effective item in determining the stage was sensory conduction velocity. It was demonstrated that the established regression equation was highly reliable (R=0.922). Akahori's preoperative classification can also be used in postoperative classification, and this classification was correlated with postoperative prognosis. Our results indicate that Akahori's preoperative classification is a suitable system. It is reliable, reproducible and well-correlated with the postoperative prognosis. In addition, the established prediction formula is useful to reduce the diagnostic complexity of Akahori's classification.
Keywords cubital tunnel syndrome ulnar nerve Akahoriʼs classification multiple regression analysis
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Published Date 2013-02
Publication Title Acta Medica Okayama
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Publisher Okayama University Medical School
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