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Author Motoi, Makoto| Yoshino, Tadashi| Kawabata, Kenji| Ikehara, Ikuko| Ohsumi, Shozo| Ogawa, Katsuo|
Abstract <p>Using the peroxidase antiperoxidase (PAP) method, lysozyme (LZM) was shown to exist in normal, reactive and neoplastic cells belonging to the mononuclear phagocyte system (MPS), but was not detected in histiocytosis X cells. Immunostaining for cytoplasmic LZM by the PAP method is useful for identification of mononuclear phagocytes and for diagnosis of the diseases in which these cells participate.</p>
Keywords lysozyme PAP method mononuclear phagocyte system
Amo Type Article
Published Date 1984-04
Publication Title Acta Medica Okayama
Volume volume38
Issue issue2
Publisher Okayama University Medical School
Start Page 125
End Page 133
ISSN 0386-300X
NCID AA00508441
Content Type Journal Article
language 英語
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PubMed ID 6375269
Web of Science KeyUT A1984SN81800004