Author Hobara, Narumi| Goda, Mitsuhiro| Yoshida, Namika| Takatori, Shingo| Kitamura, Yoshihisa| Mio, Mitsunobu| Kawasaki, Hiromu|
Published Date 2008-05-28
Publication Title Neuroscience
Volume volume150
Issue issue3
Content Type Journal Article
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Author Tangsucharit, Panot| Takatori, Shingo| Zamami, Yoshito| Goda, Mitsuhiro| Pakdeechote, Poungrat| Kawasaki, Hiromu| Takayama, Fusako|
Abstract The present study investigated pharmacological characterizations of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor (AChR) subtypes involving ACh-induced endothelium-independent vasodilatation in rat mesenteric arteries. Changes in perfusion pressure to periarterial nerve stimulation and ACh were measured before and after the perfusion of Krebs solution containing muscarinic receptor antagonists. Distributions of muscarinic AChR subtypes in mesenteric arteries with an intact endothelium were studied using Western blotting. The expression level of M1 and M3 was significantly greater than that of M2. Endothelium removal significantly decreased expression levels of M2 and M3, but not M1. In perfused mesenteric vascular beds with intact endothelium and active tone, exogenous ACh (1, 10, and 100 nmol) produced concentration-dependent and long-lasting vasodilatations. In endothelium-denuded preparations, relaxation to ACh (1 nmol) disappeared, but ACh at 10 and 100 nmol caused long-lasting vasodilatations, which were markedly blocked by the treatment of pirenzepine (M1 antagonist) or 4-DAMP (M1 and M3 antagonist) plus hexamethonium (nicotinic AChR antagonist), but not methoctramine (M2 and M4 antagonist). These results suggest that muscarinic AChR subtypes, mainly M1, distribute throughout the rat mesenteric arteries, and that activation of M1 and/or M3 which may be located on CGRPergic nerves releases CGRP, causing an endothelium-independent vasodilatation.
Keywords Acetylcholine-induced vasodilatation CGRPergic nerves Muscarinic receptor subtypes Rat mesenteric arteries
Published Date 2016-01
Publication Title Journal of Pharmacological Sciences
Volume volume130
Issue issue1
Publisher Japanese Pharmacological Society
Start Page 24
End Page 32
ISSN 1347-8613
NCID AA11806667
Content Type Journal Article
language 英語
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PubMed ID 26825997
DOI 10.1016/j.jphs.2015.12.005
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