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Author Kato, Sadahisa| Hishiyama, Kosuke| Anak Agung Ketut Darmadi| Ngakan Ketut Acwin Dwijendra| Dewa Ngurah Suprapta|
Abstract Bali Island, Indonesia, is undergoing rapid land use changes owing to tourism-related development and urbanization. Consequently, urban green spaces, which provide a myriad of benefits to residents, are disappearing and deteriorating. Focusing on telajakan, a strip of traditional green space between the frontal wall of a housing compound and a ditch/pedestrian path in a roadside, the study aims: 1) to investigate and document the changes that are occurring with regards to telajakan in Denpasar, Bali and 2) to evaluate the functions of the plantings in telajakan. The research methods include literature review on traditional green spaces in Bali, vegetation survey at a lot scale, and homeowner interviews with the help of local experts. The study found that: 1) aesthetics, economics, and rituals are the top three functions provided by the telajakan plants with aesthetic function being by far the most provided function; 2) species diversity does not correspond with functional diversity; and 3) telajakan space itself is often minimized or sometimes lost completely for more inner, privatized space or for vehicle parking lot for shop owners. Since telajakan is an important component of traditional Balinese architecture, its loss, degradation, and marginalization necessarily lead to the loss of Balinese culture and identity. This study hints, however, a new form of social interaction through aesthetically-pleasing telajakan. Also, functional diversity, which is arguably as important as species diversity, can be maintained by carefully selecting indigenous species with multiple functions.
Keywords Telajakan Bali Urban Green Spaces
Published Date 2019-02-20
Publication Title Open Journal of Ecology
Volume volume9
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DOI 10.4236/oje.2019.92002
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