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Title Alternative The Research Trends of Reading Picture-Books to Children in a Whole Group Activity in  Early Childhood Education and Care
FullText URL cted_009_215_228.pdf
Author Aizawa, Nohara| Katayama, Mika| Takahashi, Toshiyuki|
Abstract 本研究では,日常の保育で頻繁に行われる,集団での絵本の読み聞かせに関する実践的な研究を概観し,充実した絵本の読み聞かせのあり方に関する知見の整理を試みた。その結果,絵本の読み聞かせ場面における幼児の言動は年齢に沿って変化し,4歳児から5歳児に至る過程において,集団という特徴が活かされるようになることが明らかになった。  3歳児では,保育者と幼児の個別の関係性が優位であったが,4歳児では徐々に幼児間の相互作用が広がり,他児の発話を繰り返したり,幼児と笑い合ったり等,他児を意識し,一緒に楽しむ共有化が進む。さらに,5歳児になると友達と共に内容の展開を楽しみながら,集団での読み聞かせのマナーを心得た態度を示しつつ,個別の言動の表出を調整する姿が見られるようになることが示された。質の高い読み聞かせにより,幼児の確かな言葉の発達を促す機会に成り得ることが確認された。
Keywords 幼児 絵本の読み聞かせ 集団 保育者 共有過程
Publication Title Bulletin of Center for Teacher Education and Development, Okayama University
Published Date 2019-03-20
Volume volume9
Start Page 215
End Page 228
ISSN 2186-1323
language 日本語
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JaLCDOI 10.18926/CTED/55804
Title Alternative Development of Junior High School Home Economics Classes Related to Contact With Infants that Encourages Self-acceptance
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Author Kando, Etsuko| Katayama, Mika| Takahashi, Toshiyuki| Nishiyama, Osamu|
Abstract  中学生の幼児との触れ合い体験の意義については,先行研究によって示されてきたが,体験の何が効果を及ぼしているのか,実証的な研究は未だ少ない。そこで本論では,「他者から受容される経験が,自己受容を促す」との実践的な仮説を立て,触れ合い体験による他者から受容される経験が,自己受容を促す可能性を検討する。触れ合い体験において,幼児は先入観や条件なしに関わってくることが予想される。そのような幼児に受容される体験は,生徒にとって日常的な人間関係とは異なる,得難い経験となり得る。そこを意図的に強化することで,合理的に意義ある授業を作ることが可能となると考える。また,将来の子育てに繋がる,長期的な効果も期待できる。本論では,こうした仮説に基づき,生徒の自己受容に焦点を当て,これを促す中学校家庭科保育領域の授業を開発し報告した。
Abstract Alternative The significance of junior high school students’ experience of contact with infants has been shown in previous studies, but there has not been enough empirical research on which part of the experience produces effects. Therefore, in this paper, we form a hypothesis that “experience of acceptance others encourages self-acceptance” and examine the possibility that the experience of acceptance from others we gain through contact encourages self-acceptance. Infants are expected to be involved in contact experiences with no preconceptions or conditions. The experience of acceptance by infants is a rare experience that differs from daily interpersonal relationships for students. It may be possible to rationally develop meaningful classes by intentionally reinforcing it. Furthermore, long-term effects that translate into future child-rearing can be expected. In this paper, based on the aforementioned hypothesis, we focused on the self-acceptance of students to develop and report on home economics classes that encourage it.
Keywords 幼児 (infants) 中学生 (junior high school students) 触れ合い体験 (interactive experiences) 自己受容 (self-acceptance) 授業開発 (development of home economics classes)
Publication Title Bulletin of Center for Teacher Education and Development, Okayama University
Published Date 2018-03-20
Volume volume8
Start Page 15
End Page 29
ISSN 2186-1323
language 日本語
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Title Alternative The Recognition of The Childminder Choice Student about The Information Appliance Utilization in The Preschool Education
FullText URL bgeou_166_021_030.pdf
Author Katayama, Mika| Okazaki, Junko| Nishiyama, Osamu| Yokomatsu, Tomoyoshi| Kajitani, Nobuyuki| Takahashi, Toshiyuki|
Abstract In this study, we clarified how a childminder choice student understood the use of the information appliance for preschool education. Specifically, we performed a cluster analysis based on student responses that we obtained by Silent Dialogue, and analyzed the answers both quantitatively and qualitatively. Based on the results, we considered methods for increasing effectiveness of future practice. In addition, for training subjects such as“preschool education methods,” we piloted some concrete practices to consider the best approaches for teaching. Finally, the results of this study are discussed and future problems are described.
Keywords early childhood education information appliance the childminder choice student recognition Silent Dialogue
Publication Title Bulletin of Graduate School of Education, Okayama University
Published Date 2017-11-28
Volume volume166
Start Page 21
End Page 30
ISSN 1883-2423
language 日本語
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