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Title Alternative Science Teaching to Develop Pupils' Scientific Viewpoints and Ways of Thinking : The Possibility for Instructing the 'Energy Conversion' in Elementary School Science
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Author Takahara, Yoshiaki| Watanabe, Yohei| Horinouchi, Yuko| Jin, Wan Xu| Jin, Chang shan| Kawata, Yuki| Yoshioka, Tsutomu| Hirayama, Motoshi| Inada, Yoshihiko| Kakihara, Seiji| Kita, Masakazu|
Abstract 小学校中学年B区分の学習内容を相互に関連付けて考えるための視点として「エネルギー変換」を取り上げ、これをキーワードにした教材開発と授業設計を行った。岡山大学教育学部附属小学校の第4学年の児童を対象に研究授業を行い、児童の変容を学習の記録や授業前後のコンセプトマップの記述をもとに分析した。その結果、児童の中には、既習事項である「光」「熱」「電気」「力」とそれらがもたらす現象とを、相互に関連付けて考えようとする反応が見られるようになった。
Abstract Alternative Attempts were made to correlate learning contents with each other in the physical science of elementary school science. The authors approached this subject from the energetic viewpoint. We developed some materials and disigned an instructon, based on the 'energy conversion.' One author conducted a science class to the fourth graders of elementary school attached to Okayama University. Then we made an analysis of the children's records of learning in class, and used a concept mapping. In this survey, it was found that some of the pupils tried to associate 'light', 'heat', 'electricity', and 'force' with some phenomena that were brought about from these concepts.
Keywords 小学校理科 (Elementary School Science) エネルギー変換 ( Energy Conversion) 教材開発 (Instructional Material Development) 授業実践 (Practical Example of Teaching)
Publication Title 岡山大学教育実践総合センター紀要
Published Date 2007-03-10
Volume volume7
Issue issue1
Start Page 9
End Page 19
ISSN 1346-3705
language 日本語
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