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Title Alternative Influence of instructional posters on cleanness of the hands after hand washing
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Author Matsushima, Taku| Akasaka, Maria| Ando, Hitomi| Inoue, Miwa| Mitsumata, Yuki| Senda, Yoshiko|
Abstract 本研究の目的は,手洗いポスターの違いによる手洗い消毒後の手洗いミスを比較することである。調査対象は看護学生82名であった。対象を41名ずつ2グループに分け,1グループには手洗い順序を示したポスターを,もう1グループには,手洗いミスを起こしやすい部位を図示したポスターを教材として与えた。学生は,手指と手首に蛍光塗料を塗布後,抗菌石けんと流水による手洗い消毒を実施した。次に蛍光塗料の残存状況を写真撮影後,画像処理し手洗いミスとして点数化した。その結果,手洗いミスを起こしやすいポスターを使用したグループの方が,手洗い順序ポスターを用いたグループより手洗いミスが少ない傾向にあった。なかでも手背側は,手洗いミスのポスターを使ったグループの方が手洗いミスは有意に少なかった(p<0.05)。日常,手洗い場に掲示されているポスターは,手洗い順序を示したものが多い。しかし,手洗いミスを起こしやすい部位を図示したポスターでも,手指衛生効果があることが示唆された。
Abstract Alternative The objective of this study was to compare the cleanness of the hands after following two different posters. The subjects were 82 nursing students. They were divided into 2 groups of 41 each. For instructions one group was given a poster showing the procedures of hand washing, and the other group was given a poster showing areas to be washed carefully. After a fluorescent dye was sprayed on the fingers and the wrists, the testees washed their hands with antimicrobial soap under running water. Then, the state of the remaining fluorescent dye was photographed. The images were processed, and the extent of hand washing was quantified. As a result, hand washing was more effective in the group given the poster showing areas to be washed carefully than in the other group. Particularly, the back of the hand was significantly cleaner in the former than in the latter group (p< 0.05). Many posters at hand-washing sites show the procedure of hand washing. However, a poster showing areas prone to poor hand washing seems to be more effective for ensuring cleanness of the hands.
Keywords 手指衛生 (hand hygiene) 手洗い消毒 (antiseptic handwash) ポスター (poster)
Publication Title 岡山大学医学部保健学科紀要
Published Date 2005-12-25
Volume volume16
Issue issue1
Start Page 49
End Page 55
ISSN 1345-0948
language 日本語
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