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Title Alternative Clinical effects of spa therapy on bronchial asthma.
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Author Mifune, Takashi| Kusaura, Yasuhiro| Honke, Naoko| Tanimizu, Masahiro| Mitunobu, Fumihiro| Okazaki, Morihiro| Kitani, Hikaru| Tanizaki, Yoshiro|
Abstract ステロイド依存性重症難治性喘息を中心に,喘息に対する温泉療法の臨床効果を,症例の背景因子に基づいて検討した。1.現年令あるいは発症年令が高い症例でより有効であった。2.非アトピー性の症例において有効率が高率であった。3.臨床病型別では,細気管支閉塞型において最も有効率が高く,17例中16例(94.1%)が有効であった。4.ステロイド減量効果は.71症例中43例(60.6%)で認められた。細気管支閉塞型の症例でステロイド減量不能の症例を多く認めた。
Abstract Alternative Clinical effects of spa therapy were studied in 93 patients in relation to allergological-characteristics. Forty-seven of the 93 patients were steroid-dependent intractable asthma. 1. Spa therapy was effective in the patients over the age of 41 and over 41 at onset. 2. Spa therapy was more effective in nonatopic patients than in atopic. 3. Regarding clinical classification of asthma type (simple bronchoconstriction type, bronchoconstriction + hypersecretion type and bronchiolar obstruction type), spa therapy was most effective in the patients with bronchioar obstruction type (94.1%). 4. In 43 of the 71 patients (60.6%), the dose of corticosteroid used was reduced by spa therapy. In the patient with bronchiolar obstruction type, reduction of corticosteroid by spa therapy was observed with a low propor-
Keywords 気管支喘息 (Bronchial asthma) 温泉療法 (Spa therapy) 臨床病型 (clinical asthmaty)
Publication Title 岡大三朝分院研究報告
Published Date 1992-06
Volume volume63
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End Page 13
ISSN 0913-3771
language 日本語
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