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Title Alternative Automated observation of sea surface eddy flux on a cruising ship
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Author Takahashi, Satoshi| Tsukamoto, Osamu| Ishida, Hiroshi| Yoneyama, Kunio|
Abstract Sea surface eddy fluxes were evaluated with the eddy correlation method including ship motion correction for the wind vector components. Previous ship motion correction algorithm was revised as a simple scheme setting a motion sensor at the same place with the sonic anemometer. This revised eddy flux system was mounted as a routine continuous measurement system on the R/V 'Mirai' of Japan Marine Science and Technology Center. The first cruise was conducted at the tropical weatern Pacific in June 2000. Continuous sea surface fluxes were obtained and the data quality was checked with some parameters. This system is planned to be developed as a automated data processing system including ship motion correction and real-time flux evaluation system. These eddy fluxes can be integrated with the bulk fluxes and radiation fluxes to understand sea surface heat balance over the global ocean.
Keywords Sea surface fliux Automated observation Eddy correlation method
Publication Title Okayama University Earth Science Report
Published Date 2000-09-20
Volume volume7
Issue issue1
Start Page 1
End Page 14
ISSN 1340-7414
language 日本語
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