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Title Alternative A Study of an Effective Teaching Procedure to Pupils' Self-Thinking and Self-Actuating Attitudes
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Author Kawamura, Keiji| Kurosaki, Toyoo|
Abstract 創造の原動力となる思考力を育てることは喫緊の課題である。算数科で思考力を育成することは、数学的な考え方を育成することである。数学的な考え方は、児童自らが数量や図形に算数的活動を通して関わり、試行錯誤的に考える中で育成されるものと考えられる。本研究は、算数科第4学年「小数」の単元で、自ら考え、活用する力を育てる効果的な指導方法について授業実践を通して実証的に研究する。そのため、まず、「小数」の単元の指導目標を分析し、思考力としての「数学的な考え方」を明らかにする。次に、「数学的な考え方」を伸ばすために効果的な指導方略として「算数的活動」の最適化を検討する。最後に、それぞれの場面での児童の「数学的な考え方」を見取るために指標を基に、「つくる」「活用する」場の比較を通して、児童の「数学的な考え方」がどのように伸びたかを評価し、指導方略の効果を検証する。
Abstract Alternative It is a matter of burning question to foster pupils' thinking faculty of which is enable to give them a motive power for creations. In mathematics Course of study, fostering the thinking faculty is equal to fostering the "mathematical way of thinking". The "mathematical way of thinking" for pupils could be brought up by the way of learning through the mathematic actions dealing activities such as quantities and figures through or matters with tries and errors. In this research, for the pupils of the 4th grade mathematics unit "Decimal", We are to investigate to find the fittest practical teaching method through the effective teaching procedures of self-thinking faculty is, as the "mathematical way of thinking" by analyzing the main teaching purposes of "Decimal" unit. Secondly, We are to try to find the best way of "mathematical activities" as to develop the "mathematical way of thinking". Finally, through the comparing the results on each of the phases so called "self-thinking" and "self-actuating" place from the view of the "mathematical way of thinking", and at the same time, We are to check the effect of this teaching stratages we have done so far.
Keywords 思考力 (thinking faculty) 数学的な考え方 (mathematical way of thinking) 算数的活動 (mathematical activities)
Publication Title 岡山大学教育実践総合センター紀要
Published Date 2007-03-10
Volume volume7
Issue issue1
Start Page 93
End Page 104
ISSN 1346-3705
language 日本語
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