Title Alternative Adenocarcinoma in the jejunum 20 years after surgery for familial adenomatous polyposis
Author Sugihara, Yuusaku| Kawano, Seiji| Harada, Keita| Takashima, Shiho| Takei, Daisuke| Inokuchi, Toshihiro| Takahara, Masahiro| Hiraoka, Sakiko| Mori, Yoshiko| Kishimoto, Hiroyuki| Nagasaka, Takeshi| Okada, Hiroyuki|
Abstract A 58-year-old Japanese man visited a local clinic for the evaluation of a stomachache. He was diagnosed with intestinal obstruction. His medical history included a proctocolectomy at the age of 38 years, due to familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP). He was referred to our institution, where he underwent a computed tomography examination and endoscopy of the small intestine. The pathological diagnosis was adenocarcinoma. No invasive or metastatic lesions were observed. Therefore, partial resection of the ileum with lymphadenectomy and reconstruction of the ileostomy were performed. Pathological examination revealed that the tumor was type 2, pT3 (SS) , pN1, pPM0, pDM0, pRM0, INFb, ly1, v1, pEX0, PN0. Twenty-nine days after the surgery, the patient was diagnosed with lung metastasis and he underwent lung radiofrequency ablation. We suggest that long-term follow-up is necessary for patients after surgery for FAP, because of the risk of malignant disease developing in other organs.
Keywords 家族性大腸腺腫症 (familial adenomatous polyposis) 小腸癌 (jejunal cancer) 小腸内視鏡検査 (small intestine endoscope)
Publication Title Journal of Okayama Medical Association
Published Date 2017-08-01
Volume volume129
Issue issue2
Start Page 111
End Page 114
ISSN 0030-1558
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language 日本語
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DOI 10.4044/joma.129.111
Title Alternative In vivo imaging of lymph node metastasis with telomerase-specific replication-selective adenovirus
FullText URL 120_01_013_021.pdf
Author Kishimoto, Hiroyuki| Kojima, Toru| Watanabe, Yuichi| Kagawa, Shunsuke| Fujiwara, Toshiya| Uno, Futoshi| Teraishi, Fuminori| Kyo, Satoru| Mizuguchi, Hiroyuki| Hashimoto, Yuuri| Urata, Yasuo| Tanaka, Noriaki| Fujiwara, Toshiyoshi|
Keywords GFP アデノウイルス ヒトテロメラーゼ逆転写酵素
Publication Title 岡山医学会雑誌
Published Date 2008-05-01
Volume volume120
Issue issue1
Start Page 13
End Page 21
ISSN 00301558
language 日本語
Copyright Holders 岡山医学会
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DOI 10.4044/joma.120.13
NAID 10024170197
Author Kishimoto, Hiroyuki|
Published Date 2006-09-30
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