Author Yamanaka, Reiko|
Published Date 2004-03-25
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Author 縄稚 久美子| 曽我 賢彦| 山中 玲子| 足羽 孝子| 伊藤 真理| 佐藤 真千子| 窪木 拓男| 森田 潔|
Published Date 2012-07
Publication Title 日本集中治療医学会雑誌
Volume volume19
Issue issue3
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Author Soga, Yoshihiko| Kurashige, Emiko| Yamanaka, Reiko| Yoshitomi, Aiko| Morita, Manabu|
Published Date 2012-12
Publication Title 岡山歯学会雑誌
Volume volume31
Issue issue2
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Author Yamanaka, Reiko| Soga, Yoshihiko| Nawachi, Kumiko| Yanagi, Yoshinobu| Kodama, Naoki| Nakata, Takashi| Miura, Rumi| Hagawa, Misao| Takeuchi, Tetsuo| Yamane, Mieko| Morita, Manabu| Takashiba, Shogo| Asami, Jun-ichi| Minagi, Shogo| Yoshiyama, Masahiro| Shimono, Tsutomu| Kuboki, Takuo| Sasaki, Akira| Morita, Kiyoshi|
Published Date 2009-06
Publication Title 岡山歯学会雑誌
Volume volume28
Issue issue1
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Author Yamanaka, Reiko| Udaka, Emiko| Yoshitomi, Aiko| Matsumoto, Eriko| Soga, Yoshihiko| Morita, Manabu|
Published Date 2013-12
Publication Title 岡山歯学会雑誌
Volume volume32
Issue issue2
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Author Yamanaka, Reiko| Soga, Yoshihiko| Moriya, Yoshie| Okui, Akemi| Takeuchi, Tetsuo| Sato, Kenji| Morimatsu, Hiroshi| Morita, Manabu|
Abstract We encountered a 74-year-old male patient with tongue laceration after convulsive seizures under intensive care. The tongue showed severe swelling, and the right ventral surface had been lacerated by his isolated and pointed right lower canine. Our university hospital has established a perioperative management center, and is promoting interprofessional collaboration, including dentists, in perioperative management. Dentists collaborating in the perioperative management center took dental impressions, with the support of anesthesiologists who opened the patientʼs jaw under propofol sedation, to produce a mouth protector. By raising the patientʼs bite, the completed mouth protector prevented the isolated tooth from contacting the tongue and protected the lacerated wound. Use of the mouth protector prevented the lacerated tongue from coming into contact with the pointed tooth, and the tongue healed gradually. These findings underscore that interprofessional collaboration including dentists can improve the quality of medical care.
Keywords mouth protector tongue laceration
Amo Type Case Report
Published Date 2014-12
Publication Title Acta Medica Okayama
Volume volume68
Issue issue6
Publisher Okayama University Medical School
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Author Okui, Akemi| Soga, Yoshihiko| Kokeguchi, Susumu| Nose, Motoko| Yamanaka, Reiko| Kusano, Nobuchika| Morita, Manabu|
Published Date 2015-07-15
Publication Title Internal Medicine
Volume volume54
Issue issue14
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