Author Soda, Ryo|
Published Date 1981-12-30
Publication Title 岡山医学会雑誌
Volume volume93
Issue issue11-12
Content Type Journal Article
JaLCDOI 10.18926/15311
Title Alternative 抗原および Ca ionophore A23187 刺激時におけるアトピー型気管支喘息末梢血好塩基球の運動能
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Author Tanizaki, Yoshiro| Kitani, Hikaru| Mifune, Takashi| Mitsunobu, Fumihiro| Ochi, Koji| Harada, Hideo| Nakagawa, Saburo| Soda, Ryo| Takahashi, Kiyoshi| Kimura, Ikuro|
Abstract We examined histamine release and morphological changes in basophilic granulocytes from atopic subjects, in response to stimulation with antigen and Ca ionophore A23187. 1. Histamine release and a reduction in the rumber of basophils were more rapid and greater in extent at an early stage of antigen stimulation compared with Ca ionophore A23187 stimulation. 2. Morphological changes in basophils, represented by increased motility, in terms of an increased ratio of short to long axis diameter (L/S ratio), as well as the increased frequency of basophils with localized granules and those with pseudopods, were more often observed antigen stimulation than with Ca ionophore A23187 stimulation. In contrast, morphogical changes in which basophils appeared swollen, showing an increased mean cell diameter and an increased frequency of cells with 5 vacuoles or more were more predominant with Ca ionophore A23187 than with antigen stimulation. The results obtained here show that bridging of IgE receptors is essential to activate basophils and induce increased motility in these cells.
Abstract Alternative アトピー型気管支喘息末梢血好塩基球を用い,抗原および Ca ionophore A23187 刺激時のヒスタミン遊離およびその形態的変化について比較検討した。1.抗原刺激時には, Ca ionophore A23187 刺激時に比べ,好塩基球からのヒスタミン遊離および好塩基球数の減少の程度は,より急激でかつ高度であった。2.好塩基球の形態的変化,すなわち,長経/短経比の増大,限局性顆粒あるいは偽足を有する好塩基球の出現頻度の増加などの運動能の亢進を示唆する好塩基球の形態的変化は, Ca ionophore A23187 に比べ抗原刺激時により高度であった。一方,平均直径の増大,5個以上の空砲を有する好塩基球の出現頻度の増加などの,むしろ膨化傾向を示唆する好塩基球の形態的変化は,抗原刺激時に比べ, Co ionophore A23187 刺激時により高度であった。これらの結果より,抗原刺激によるIgE受容体のbridgingが,好塩基球を活性化し,運動能の亢進をひき起こすものと判断された。
Keywords histamine release (ヒスタミン遊離) increased basophil motility (好塩基球の運動能の亢進) bridging of IgE receptors (LgE 受容体) antigen (抗原) Ca ionophore A23187
Publication Title 岡大三朝分院研究報告
Published Date 1993-06
Volume volume64
Start Page 43
End Page 51
ISSN 0918-7839
language 英語
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JaLCDOI 10.18926/14493
Title Alternative Motility of basophilic granulocytes and histaminerelease
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Author Tanizaki, Yoshiro| Kitani, Hikaru| Okazaki, Morihiro| Mifune, Takashi| Mitsunobu, Fumihiro| Nakagawa, Saburo| Soda, Ryo| Tada, Shinya| Takahashi, Kiyoshi| Kimura, Ikuro|
Abstract 各種刺激物質添加時の好塩基球の形態的変化―運動亢進と膨化,脱顆粒―と化学伝達物質遊離との関連を中心に若干の知見をのべた。まず,抗原刺激時には,(1)運動亢進をきたし,洋梨状を示す好塩基球と膨化,脱顆粒を示す好塩基球の2種類が観察されること,(2)アトピー型喘息の好塩基球は健康人と比べて全般的に運動が抑制されていること,(3)運動亢進の状態としては,random movementとoriented movementがあり,抗原に対応した特徴的な運動亢進はoriented movementであること,(4)運動亢進と膨化,脱顆粒は,連続した一連のものではなく,それぞれ独立した過程を持っていること,などが観察されている。また,刺激物質の種類によって,好塩基球の形態的変化や化学伝達物質遊離の状態が異なることについても報告した。
Abstract Alternative Morphological changes of basophilic leucocytes from atopic asthmatics were observed in relation to histamine release after the cells were challeuged by a specific allergen, anti-IgE and Ca ionophore A 23187 . 1. Increase in motility and degranulation of basophilic granulocytes were observed after the stimulation with antigen and anti-IgE. The incidence of basophils with oriented movement was siguificantly increased at 36 min and reached the peak at 12-15 min after addition of antigen. 2. A decreased number of basophils, increased cell diameter and increased ratio of the short to long axis diameters were observed with a significant amount of histamine release after antigen and anti-IgE stimulation. 3. Compared to cell reactions to antigen and anti-IgE, Ca ionophore A 23187 stimulation showed more decreased motility and greater increase in the diameter of the cells.
Keywords 好塩基球 (Basophils) 抗原 (Antigen) 運動亢進 (lncreased motility) 脱顆粒 (Degranulation) ヒスタミン遊離 (Histamine release)
Publication Title 環境病態研報告
Published Date 1991-08
Volume volume62
Start Page 47
End Page 51
ISSN 0913-3771
language 日本語
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NAID 120002308512
Author Tanizaki, Yoshiro| Kitani, Hikaru| Okazaki, Morihiro| Mifune, Takashi| Mitsunobu, Fumihiro| Sugimoto, Keisuke| Yokota, Satoshi| Hiramatsu, Junichi| Soda, Ryo| Tada, Shinya| Takahashi, Kiyoshi| Kimura, Ikuro|
Published Date 1993
Publication Title 岡山医学会雑誌
Volume volume105
Issue issue5-6
Content Type Journal Article