Title Alternative An Attempt to Analyze the Transformation in the Concept of the Environment during Class Practice for a Childcare Contents “Environment”
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Author Nishiyama, Osamu| Okamura, Sachiyo| Nakagawa, Tomoyuki| Katayama, Mika|
Abstract  “Environmentˮ has special meanings in early childhood education and care in Japan. The present study, we identified characteristic that is a problem faced by students in understanding the concept of the environment in a class on child care in the context of the “environmentˮ in a training school for child care providers. Specifically, this study used a sentence completion test to detect the transformation in the concept of environment in the students. These data were quantitatively analyzed using text mining. In addition, we examined the transformation in the environmental concept qualitatively. As a result, the tendency to use the captured environment as a method was seen, and some characteristics became clear. Based on these findings, we considered it necessary for class improvement to be expedited.
Publication Title Bulletin of Graduate School of Education, Okayama University
Published Date 2017-11-28
Volume volume166
Start Page 31
End Page 40
ISSN 1883-2423
language 日本語
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