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Title Alternative 高校段階への科学教材の開発:カンボジアにおける洗剤に関する研究授業の実践
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Author Set, Seng| Miyoshi, Mie| Kita, Masakazu|
Abstract A study lesson dealing with the detergent concept was carried out at an upper secondary school in Cambodia after a number of teaching materials concerning with detergent were prepared for classroom activities. Through the pre-/post tests and questionnaires responded by students, the lesson study was evluated high appreciation and satisfactory. The activities prepared in the lesson study were applicable by students. It is also recommended that it can be appropriately introduced as part of curriculum at upper secondary schools in Cambodia and other developing countries which required teaching materials.
Abstract Alternative 洗剤に関する教材(洗剤量に応じて表面張力の低下により試料水の水滴の大きさが変化することを利用したもの)を開発し、カンボジアの高校でカンボジアから来ている留学生と日本人中学校教諭が研究授業を行った。事前ならびに事後テストを実施したところ、生徒の受け入れ方は大変よく、また洗剤についての理解も深まったことがわかった。
Keywords detergent(洗剤) volume of water drop(水滴の体積) surface tension of water(表面張力) knowledge improvement of students(生徒の知識改善) Cambodia(カンボジア)
Publication Title 岡山大学教育実践総合センター紀要
Published Date 2006-03-25
Volume volume6
Issue issue1
Start Page 11
End Page 20
ISSN 1346-3705
language 英語
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