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Hoshino, Satoshi
From both theoretical and substantiative points of viem, the author examined applicability of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) to evaluation process of District Suitability Classification (DSC), which is one of the land classification techniques for rural land-use plan. In this research, I so devised a concrete system of evaluation procedure with AHP and examined the validity of the procedure in those days. But the results was not published yet. In the evaluation process of AHP, such participatory operations as summarization of member's opinions, conversion of indicator values on the common value scale etc. are accompanied. Moreover, "quality" of such operations influences the evaluation results grealy. Therefore we cannot but say that significance of the procedure is quite important from practical point of view. This paper proposes a systematic procedure of DSC with AHP, and considers the availability of the procedure. At first I briefly summarize the development detailsof DSC technique and the theory of AHP. Next, I explain the procedure of DSC with AHP and the results of case study. In consideration of some objective data, simple questionnaire results to the participating members etc., we examine the practicability of the procedure.
District Suitability Classification
Analytic Hierarchy Process
evaluation process
participatory planning technique