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Kuriki, Takayoshi
Izumimoto, Masatoshi
To promote utilization of Jersey cow's meat, we investigated the feeding situation and the ment producing characteristics of the Jersey breed in Hiruzen province. The results obtained were as follows: (1) Jersey meat is processed and sold by hiruzen Dairy Co-operation Association at Hiruzen. Most of the meat is occupied from steers, and cow meat comprises only 10%. (2) Fattening-feed performance was observed on non-delivered cows and delivered ones which were less than 5 years old. Dressing yield of the non-delivered cows was higher than that of delivered ones. (3) A linear correlation between body and carcass weight was found. Therefore, it was recommended that large cow production would bring profits in terms of economic gain. (4) The fat contents of longissimus muscle of the Jersey breed were higher than those of Holsteins, so it was considered they would probably have high marbling characteristics.
Jersey cow
meat production
carcass quality