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Transformation of Mutualistic Fungal Acremonium Endophyte

Yunus, Ahamad
Shiraishi, Tomonori Kaken ID publons researchmap
Yamada, Tetsuji
Conditions have been developed for transforming protoplasts of the Acremonium endophyte by PEG 4000 and electroporation. Transformation by PEG exhibited a higher number of transformants than by electroporation. lntegration of iaaM gene into the genome was examined by PCR and Southern blot hybridization analysis. PCR product showed that transformants banded at around 1.7 kb corresponding to the size of iaaM gene. Hybridization of the digests of genomic DNA with iaaM gene as DNA probe showed that the number of hybridized band signals was different between transformant and non-transformant. These results might indicate that PEG is an effective method for the transformation of Acremonium endophyte and that there are repeated copies of the iaaM homologous sequences in the genome of Acremonium.
Acremonium sp
iaaM gene
hgh gene