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Activities of Iron Oxidase and Hydrogen Sulfide: ferric Ion Oxidoreductase of Thiobacillus ferrooxidans isolated from natural environments

Sugio, Tsuyoshi
Fujiwara, Isao
Hanase, Mari
Kamimura, Kazuo Kaken ID researchmap
It has been reported that both iron oxidase and hydrogen sulfide: ferric ion oxidoreductase (SFORase) were involved in bacterial leaching of metal ions from sulfide ores, and the amount of Cu2+ solubilized from copper ore by iron-oxidizing bacterium differed from strain. The activities of iron oxidase SFORase of iron-oxidizing bacteria isolated from the natural environments were determined. Iron-oxidizing activity and SFORase activity of 200 strains ranged from 1.20-1.65γmol/mg/min and from 0.11-2.80 γmol/mg/min, respectively. The findings that a remarkable difference was observed in the levels of SFORase activity, but not in iron-oxidizing activity, suggest that SFORase, but not iron oxidase, is the enzyme that determines the bacterial leaching activity of this bacterium.
iron oxidase
sulfur oxidase
iron-oxidizing bacterium
bacterial leaching