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Iwama, Izumi
Agriculture in genaral is managed by human being with converting natural land into farm land conditions,and then controllig this artificial farm land so that it does not revert to its natural state.Agriculture,which probided for by natural land,requires maintain and control of the artificial land conditions for not reverting to the origined natural uncontrolly conditions.Basically,lacal specification formation process is dictated by the primary conditions,being the lacation,the geographical features and geolegical conditions of any natural land,including Java.The traditional agriculture practiced on the Indnesian island of Java depends on the lacal primary conditions.Organisms shall be possible to originate under the suitable conditions.It is recognized that they would show the high adaptation to the each lacal speciality.The ecosystem is defined by the activities of ornanisms in the primal natural state.Java is volcanic island of basaltic rock covered with a belt of seasonal woods with half-fallen and is based on the original conditions of nature.Because of its natural conditions the ecosystem of Java has fostered the development of a complex cycle of abundant organismus.Pre-WWⅡ generations of Javanese understood this peculiarity of the ecosystem and created their own traditional agriculture.We prepared an innovative program to reintroduce traditional agriculture based on an understanding of the reasonig behind the traditional system.
natural land
local spesification process
primary nature
reformation of traditional agriculture