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Nagahori, Kinzo
Ohta, Seiroku
Recently,the environmental situation of rural area has been being degrated.The farm land in Hikawa Town in Shimane prefecture has been sprawled because this area is located between Izumo City and Matsue City.A land Consolidation project conducted by Hikawa Town has a striking feature opposed to this situation.It respects the environment of agricultural production and the inhabitants'lives as well as landscape of the rural area.An integrated rural improbement plan was adoptde to solve all the problems involved.The results of the field research are summarized as follows:(1)To prevent the land sprawl,a large-sized land consolidation plan was adopted and the agricultural infrastructure was strengthened.(2)According to future estimated population decrease,a new settlement stabilization plan was adopted to accept both successors and newly arriving farmers who return from cities.In addition,the project aims to improve the amanity of the rural settlement and rural landscape by consolidation of parks and so on.(3)To debelop employment chances for stable inhabitants,an industrial area was allocated and industrial companies have been invited.(4)Important future issues to be solved are considered to be mainly concerning farming programs.These are adoptation of converted crops such as wheat and soy bean combined with rice as a main crop,the methodology of fertilizers,pesticides and herbicides,the introduction of new crops and highly-valued crops by taking advantage of reduced farming labor time,the establishment of a direct seeding method for rice,the fostering and stabilizing of farming associations,the training of agricultural machinery operators,and the stabilization and strengthening of the farming association's infrastructure.
Farm land consolidation project
Converted substitute lot
Large-sized land consolidation
Rural settlement
Rural landscape