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Xue, Yanbin
Inaba, Akitsugu
Nakamura, Reinosuke
In this paper,effects of relative humidity(RH)on the respiration rate and ethylene production of 63 kinds of fruits and vegetables including flowres were investigated at diffrent humidities of high RH (93-98%)and low RH(52-65%).From the respiratory response to RH,they could be classified into three groups:accelerative,inhibitive and insensitive low RH.The first group included climacteric fruits such as banana,pear and kiwifruit;the majority of the fruit vegetables;and root vegetables such as tap root,tuber and tuberous root.The second group included Chinese pear,Japanese pear,strawberry,the majority of the leaf vegetables,mushrooms and flowres.The third group included grape and orange.Furthermore,by appending endogenous ethylene production at low RH,they could be classified into eight goups from the physiological response to low RH.These results seem to indicate that water deficit stress at low RH was positively correlated their physiology response in secondary order.
relative humidity
fruits and vegetables
wilting ethylene production
respiration rate