Scientific Reports of the Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University
Published by the Faculty of Agriculture, Okayama University
ONLINE ISSN : 2186-7755

Correlations between meat quality and components of blood serum in steers fattened

Djagra, Ida Bagus
Wada, Hiroshi
In fattened steers of Holstein breed correlation coefficients between factors of the carcass, and between roast grade and size of selected body parts were studied. Study of correlation between roast grade and levels of serumal components of blood taken at slaughter was carried out in the steer above mentioned. Roast grade had minus significant correlation to fat cover depth and daily gain, and plus significant correlation to hips width and thurls width. Correlations between roast grade and concentration of blood serum magnesium or cholesterol were shown, but not significant. There were significant minus correlations between roast grade and concentrations of TP, Al, Gl, Ca, Ca/Mg in the serum. Ratio of Mg/ (Ca+P+Mg) had a significant positive correlation to roast grade. When grouped by sire, steers group with low daily gain had generally a high quality of roast.