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Changes in Glycinin‒Digesting Protease Activity During Soybean Germination.

Md. Akhtaruzzaman
Maeda, Megumi Kaken ID researchmap
Kitagawa, Keiko
Takagi, Shigeaki
 Changes in glycinin-digesting protease activity during soybean germination have been investigated. The glycinin-digesting protease activities of imbibed or germinated soybean seed were assayed by RP‒HPLC using a tryptic peptide from CM‒glycinin or by SDS‒PAGE using CM‒glycinin as the endogenous substrate. Proteolytic activities of the germinated soybean seeds were found through the whole period of germination, the activities were maintained significantly unchanged during germination for 4 days, and then those specific activities declined slowly. AE‒HPLC analysis of the glycinin-digesting protease in the imbibed or germinated soybean seeds showed unchanged peaks corresponding to glycinin- digesting activity, suggesting that the glycinin-digesting protease was not induced during germination but had already been synthesized during seed maturation.
Plant protease
Glycine max
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