Proceedings of Okayama Association for Laboratory Animal Science
Published by Okayama Association for Laboratory Animal Science

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岡山実験動物研究会報第1 号から第35号までの掲載内容

Sato, Katsunori Department of Animal Resources, Tsushima South Laboratory, Advanced Science Research Center, Okayama University
The Proceedings of the Okayama Association for Laboratory Animal Science were initially issued in 1983, the year following the establishment of the association, and No.35 is the latest.Scince issue No.2, the proceedings have consisted of the following content: , , , , , and , in this order. Additionally, the publication of references and advertisements by supporting members recently started. Number 19 (issued in 2002) was the first to present a table of contents in English on its back cover, and this style has been maintained to date. On March 24, the president of the association and director of the Okayama University Libraries exchanged copies of an agreement regarding the registration of these contents with the Okayama University Scientific Achievement Repository (OUSAR) and other databases, providing a basis for their current registration and publication. Literature-based information is also being collected and published in databases organized by the Non-profit Organization Japan Medical Abstracts Society (Ichushi) and Japan Science & Technology Agency (JST).