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実験動物アレルギー予防を目指した兵庫医科大学 病態モデル研究センターの紹介

Sagara, Eiji Center for Comparative Medicine, Hyogo College of Medicine
Laboratory animal allergy (LAA) is an important problem on considering the occupational safety and health of animal workers. The Center for Comparative Medicine (CCOM), Hyogo College of Medicine, opened on April 1, 2018, is an animal experiment facility designed and constructed based on the concept of LAA prevention. This CCOM is located on the first and second floors of a newly built "education· research building". Methods for the prevention of LAA are airflow control by air conditioning equipment, breeding equipment, experimental equipment, cage transporters that suppress the diffusion of aero allergens, spraying of slightly acidic water mist, and prevention of allergen exposure by the strict use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In addition, we implemented training on LAA and take measures to prevent office workers from being exposed to laboratory animal-derived allergens.
施設めぐり(Introduction of the Animal Research Facilities in Japan)