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組織変革における阻害に関する既存研究の概観(後)   ~要因・メカニズム・除去を対象にして~

Matsuda, Yoichi Kaken ID researchmap
Organizational change is important topics in organizational behavior. This paper aims to survey of studies in hindrance(resistance) to organizational change. Especially, we focus on its factor, mechanism, and elimination. And so, we suevey previous studies from viewpoint of ①macro organizational theory's arguments(Ma. O), ②micro organizational theory's arguments(Mi. O), ③social psychology theory's arguments(S. P), ④consultant's suggestion(C. S). This paper's important points are as follows: ①factor are various: organizational inertia, action, information' flow(Ma. O), loss, stress, trust, recognition, learning(Mi. O), resistance, worry, self-defense(S. P), failure and behavior(8 factors), restrictive functions in equilibrium(10 problems), barrier(C. S). ②Mechanism are various: organizational inertia, action(Ma. O), loss and compusion, recognition(schema, conflict), organizational culture change(Mi. O), driving force and resistance force, influence and balance(S. P). damage, crisis andadherence(C. S). ③Elimination: organizational inertia, adaptation and balance, restraint, adjustment(Ma. O), participation, reward system, vision(Mi. O), participation, job design, taking turns, persuasion(S. P), paticipation, commitment, many eliminated methods(C. S). Addtionaly, our problems are as follows; ①significance of discussion and ②promotion factor in organizational change. And ③rationality, ④measuring method, ⑤practicing to management in organizational change.
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