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中国における企業の福利厚生制度に関する研究 ~中国東北部の企業への今日的な様相に関するインタビュー調査を中心にして~

Matsuda, Yoichi Kaken ID researchmap
Yu, Nan
This paper examines contemporary aspects of employee welfare system in China Companies,by mainly using interview as research method (March, 2009; one small size company and big size one in the Northeast region of China). It also examines the content of the welfare system in terms of social security, company policies, and problems involved in the operation, while comparing them to Japanese companies. Major findings from this research include the followings. (1) In China, companies increasingly regard employee welfare system as important policies (cf: improving the stability of the work force,or employee motivation etc), in human resource management like Japanese. (2) After the 1978 the reform and door-opening movements Chinese, companies have faced some ploblems(cf:high cost) with their welfare System.While welfare system at Chinese companies have been on the increase,there has not so much a paradigm shift as one found in Japan,from employees relying on benefits provided by the companies to promotion of employee's self independent and autonomy.