Okayama Economic Review
Published by the Economic Association of Okayama University


Kametaka, Tetsuo
Through reviewing the history of the globalization of Japanese banks and transferring of Japanese management to Asian economies, this paper proposes that Japanese banks have not experienced serious friction with been following Western banking business method since the Meiji restoration and that still Japanese Banks have a lot to learn from American banks and banks in The City. Japanese banks have remained very reserved, and friction does not usually occur between a good teacher and a good student. On the other hand, Japanese manufacturers have been very proud of their highly estimated technologies and more importantly the Japanese way of management, especially of "the production management". In addition to that, Asian countries have very diversified and complicated cultural structures with regard to factors such as race, religion, and stage of economic development. Therefore, it has not been easy for manufacturers to transfer their operations to Asia. People who try to move into Asia need to pay special attention to various aspects of Asian culture, which is highly influenced by the Chinese culture and Confucianism. Of course, they should also not forget comprehensive business ethics which are applicable to any place on earth.
論説 (Article)