Okayama Economic Review
Published by the Economic Association of Okayama University

Notes on Schumpeterian Competitive Power

Takemura, Shosuke
There is a saying that 'look before you leap'. Though many economists look to be acquainted with the commonly accepted vision ofSchumpeter, I am wondering if it isn't time now to think over the appropriateness. His view about a certain mixed structure with monopoly and competition is the typical subject. In this paper I'll focus his logic of the competitive power I've seen in his several works. The main points are as follows. His competitive power vision is well understood by utilizing a certain meaning of 'rivalry' I call it. The reason is simply that this kind of power is agreeable to producing innovative activities. As some conclusions I will assert that Schumpeter's competitive power is filled with lots of splendid ideas for the modern economic theory. His prominent point, so to speak, consists in the balance between the innovative activities and the possible equilibrium in rivalry.
論説 (Article)