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Microcomputer Filtering System to Measure Very Small Transmission Loss of Impulsive Signals

Tanada Yoshihiro
Sano Hiroya
This paper describes a method for measuring very small transmission loss of impulsive signals. The correlative fluctuations within input and output signals are eliminated effectively by the analog simultaneous differencer. The difference and normal signals are alternately sampled and accumulated by the digitizer and the microcomputer, that is, the microcomputer 2-channels box-car integrator is realized. The difference and normal accumulated data are transferred to the personal computer, which calculates the ratio of the difference to normal accumulated data, i.e. the estimated attenuation in nepers. By the experiments of electrical and optical impulse transmissions, the minimum measurable attenuations become respectively 2.7×10(-4)NP and 6.0×10(-4)Np. Even the latter value is the smallest so far as the authors know.