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Binding Energies between a Vacancy and a Cadmium, Indium or Tin Atom in Al-10wt % Zn, Al-3.0wt % Ag and Al-3.0wt % Cu Alloys

Ohta Mutsuo
Hashimoto Fumio
Tanimoto Tadashi
The changes of electrical resistivity of several alloys, that is, Al-10wt % Zn, Al-10wt % Zn-0.01wt % Cd, Al-10wt % Zn-0.01wt % In, Al-10wt % Zn-0.01wt % Sn, Al-3.0wt % Ag, Al-3.0wt % Ag-0.01wt % Cd, Al-3.0wt % Ag-0.01wt % In, Al3.0wt % Ag-0.0lwt % Sn, Al-3.0wt % Cu, Al-3.0wt % Cu-0.0lwt % Cd and Al-3.0wt % Cu-0.01wt % In, during isothermal aging after quenching were measured. The interactions between a vacancy and a cadmium, indium or tin atom in Al-10wt % Zn, Al-3.0wt % Ag and Al-3.0wt % Cu alloys were estimated. Binding energies obtained for Al-Zn, Al-Ag and Al-Cu base ternary alloys agree within experimental accuracy with each other.