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頸部気管再建の実験的研究 ―筋肉内埋込み自家気管を用いて―

Yamamoto, Shinya
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In order to preserve the circulation of the transplanted trachea, the autologous trachea was implanted first into the sternomastoid muscle and then transplanted with the pedicle in a study using mongrel dogs. After implantation into the muscle for three weeks, the inner surface of the trachea was covered with ciliated epithelia, and regeneration of chondrocytes was observed. This proved that the circulation to the transplanted trachea was reestablished. At the time of implantation into the muscle, an appropriately sized EPTFE ringed graft was inserted into the trachea. This maneuver prevented deformation and stenosis of the trachea before and after the pedicle transplantation. After the pedicle transplantation, long-term survivors were obtained without seeing any stenosis, and the inner surface was covered with ciliated epithelia. Pedicle transplantation of the trachea, which was implanted into the cervical muscle, proved to be a good method to preserve the circulation to the transplanted trachea.
EPTFE ringed graft