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Akita, Shinji
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Rat spleens were perfused arterially with physiological saline and glutaraldehyde, freeze-cracked in liquid nitrogen, conductively stained with tannin-osmium-thiocarbohydrazide-osmium, critical-point-dried with liquid carbon dioxide, and observed under a scanning electron microscope. The terminals of the follicular arteries ended in the interstitial tissue spaces between the marginal zone and white pulp, and those of the penicillar arteries ended in the interstitial tissue spaces of the Billroth cords. Only a faw connections of the arterial terminals with the venous sinuses were noted. These findings strongly support the "open theory" that in the mammalian spleen the arterial blood mainly flows into the tissue spaces before being received by the venous sinuses.
ラット脾臓 (rat spleen)
動脈端 (arterial terminals)
開放説 (open theory)
閉鎖説 (closed theory)
灌流固定 (perfusion fixation)
走査電顕観察 (scanning electron microscopy)