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急性白血病寛解導入療法に関する研究 第1編 溶連菌製剤OK-432の造血能に及ぼす影響並びに化学療法における併用の意義について

Yorimitsu, Seiichi
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The streptococcal preparation, OK-432, has been found to be a biological response modifier. The effects of OK-432 on autologous CFUs in mice and hematopoietic disorders induced by anti-leukemic agents (DNR: daunorubicin, ara-C: cytosine arabinoside, NCS: neocarzinostatin) were investigated in order to obtain information as to the possibility of its clinical application in induction chemotherapy for acute leukemia. OK-432 increased autologous CFUs in irradiated mice, suggesting that it acted hematopoietically on multipotent stem cells. In mice treated with DNR, OK-432 reduced neutropenia when it was given before and simultaneously with DNR. In mice pretreated with OK-432, the duration of neutropenia caused by ara-C tended to be prolonged. On the other hand, simultaneous administration of OK-432 with ara-C showed no significant differences as compared to ara-C alone. These results suggested that the simultaneous administration of OK-432 with chemotherapeutic agents might protect normal hematopoiesis during induction chemotherapy for acute leukemia in man.
マウスautologous CFUs