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急性腎不全の腎組織病変に関する研究 第Ⅱ編 実験的虚血腎の経日的組織細胞学的変化とその病態病理について―光顕および電顕における観察―

Furutani, Sei
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Much is yet to be understood about symptom development in acute renal failure (ARF). The author designed an animal experiment to investigate the factors involved in the progress of renal ischemia to ARF. The course of tissue damage and subsequent repair of kidney tissue of domestic rabbits following 90 minutes of induced ischemia was observed light and electron microscopically. The results suggested that ischemia is followed by DIC which then progresses to ARF. The degree of DIC seemed to affect the severity of renal dysfunction.
Acute Renal Failure
Electron microscopy
Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation