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In vitro免疫反応におけるマクロファージ機能に関する研究 第1編 Polyclonal B cell activatorによるリンパ球活性化反応におけるマクロファージ機能に関する研究

Shinohara, Yoshitoshi
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To clarify the function of macrophages (MΦ) in lymphocyte reaction to polyclonal B cell activator (PBA), especially pokeweed mitogen (PWM) and Staphylococcal phage lysate (SPL), the pattern of PWM-induced IgG synthesis and the degree of PBA-induced DNA synthesis by unfractionated mononuclear cells (MNC) or MΦ depleted MNC fraction were examined. The response of the MΦ depleted MNC fraction to PBA was significantly higher than that of unfractionated MNC. The addition of 10% MΦ to the depleted MNC fraction enhanced both responses, but too many MΦ reduced PWM-induced IgG synthesis. These results suggest that the presence of MΦ is not necessary in PBA-induced lymphocyte reaction and that the maximal response is obtained by the addition on optimal number of MΦ. Moreover, an excessive number of MΦ suppresses the IgG synthetic response.
polyclonal B cell activator
PWM-induced Ig synthesis
(3)H-thymidine incorporation
nonspecific esterase staining