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Donaggio反応及び尿微量蛋白定量法に関する研究 第1報 大学生の運動負荷前後尿中のDonaggio反応値,α1-acid glycoprotein濃度,Albumin濃度の変動

Matsui, Yoshinori
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For studies of factors which have influence to Donaggio-titer of α1-acid glycoprotein and albumin in urine, the effect of running in summer was researched and following results were obtained. 1) Increase in both actual and corrected to a urine density of 1,024 Donaggio titer was observed in the urine after a marathon running. (P=0.01 throughout all days.) 2) Increase in both actual and corrected urinary α1-acid glycoprotein was observed with students in the urine after a marathon running. 3) Increase in urinary albumin was observed second and third day of 5 days after a marathon running. 4) Discussion was made on High Level of urinary Donaggio-titer and glycoprotein and albumin. after running in the first day.
Donaggio reaction
α1-acid glycoprotein