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チェンソーによる振動障害に関する研究 ―チェンソー使用中止時期の検討―

Une, Hiroshi
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Recently a study on vibration disorder among chain saw operators has been developed rapidly, while the number of workers suffering from vibration disorder has been increasing. It is one of the most important disposal as health care among chain saw operators to leave a worker with disorders off using a chain saw. The author discussed on results of health examination for chain saw operators performed before and after the disposal introduced in 1973. Two hundred and six examinees were divided into five groups classified by clinical findings of Raynaud's phenomenon, types of work after leaving off a chain saw work and medical care. The results were as follows: 1) It was not effective for a worker with Raynaud's phenomenon to leave off a chain saw operation. 2) It was also not effective for an elder worker with long term experience of a chain saw operation to leave off the work. 3) It was effective for a worker without abnormal findings on X-ray film of the elbow to stop using a chain saw. The author concluded that the disposal of leaving off a chain saw operation should be provided before appearance of Raynaud's phenomenon and a change from operating a chain saw to using a hand saw and an axe was not effective for the worker with abnormality on X-ray film of the elbow.