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RI Angiocardiographyによる心疾患の診断 第3編 左-右シャント症例について

Tanabe, Masatada
Tamai, Toyosato
Kawase, Etsuo
Takaki, Hisao
Mizukawa, Kiichiro
Morimoto, Setsuo
Hashimoto, Keiji
Sato, Katashi
Hiraki, Yoshio
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Count ratio (C(2)/C(1)) technique for detection of left to right shunts by radionuclide was performed. Count ratio technique of ASD cases accurately detected shunts and could reliably separate from normals, but there were a few false positive in patients with ventricle septal defect. There was no correlation between C(2)/C(1) ratio and oximetry. Postoperatively, C(2)/C(1) ratios of ASD cases were resumed to normal or close to normal but some cases of VSD were not returned to normal.