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心機図に関する研究 第一編 健常者の握力負荷心機図

Kawai, Tatsuya
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Normal 45 males and 25 females less than 40 years, and 30 male and 25 female more than 40 years of age, were analyzed for mechanocardiogram both at rest and by hand grip exercise. The results revealed that Q-ⅡA and LVET showed a significant negative correlation, PEP showed no or a little, correlation and Q-Ⅰ showed no correlation with heart rate. With different time constant, while the waveform did not change essentially waveform and a time lage on wave were observed, i.e., with time constant of 0.1 in comparison with 2.0sec., RF/E-0 ratio and RFT increased, and UT, Q-E, IRT and A/E-0 ratio tended to decrease. In terms of different positions, left hemilateral position as compared with supine one prolonged PEP in all groups and in the LVET at tachycardia and the Q-ⅡA at bradycardia, a difference by position was found in female. In the over 40 year old group, Q-ⅡA, LVET, PEP, PEP/LVET, A/E-0 ratio and IRT tended to increase as compared with the below 40 year old group. In female compared to male, examination at rest showed a tendency to have a greater Q-ⅡA and LVET, and lesser PEP, PEP/LVET, Q-Ⅰ, A/E-0 ratio and RFT. Hand grip exercise increased Q-ⅡA, LVET, PEP, ICT, PEP/LVET and A/E-0 ratio accompanied with an rise in blood pressure and heart rate.