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実験的高アルギニン血症ウサギに関する研究 第2編 アルギニン大量負荷ウサギ尿中のguanidinosuccinic acidについて

Suwaki, Sadayoshi
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Authentic guanidinosuccinic acid was converted into dimethylpyrimidyl derivative by reaction with acetylacetone, the carboxyl group was esterified by butylalcohol, and this derivative was analysed by the GC/MS technique. Then guanidinosuccinic acid was identified in urine of arginine loaded rabbit by means of selected ion recording. On the other hand, aspartic acid and isomolar of arginine was loaded simultaneously to rabbit, and a higher level of guanidinosuccinic acid was detected in the urine of 2 or 3 days and one week after. This fact suggest that guanidinosuccinic acid could be produced by transamidination of aspartic acid, receiving amidine group of arginine.