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乳癌の進展とリンパ節転移に関する研究 第1編 乳癌の組織進展形式について

Inoue, Takao
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Histopathological manifestation of breast cancer tissue were divided into 4 types concerning to biological malignancies; macro-expansive, micro-extensive, with continuity and without continuity. In this regards, 150 cases of breast cancer patients were studied on invasions to duct, lymph vessel, fatty tissue, and skin relation to T, Stage, histology, and histopathological manifestation. Most of cases were macroexpansive without continuity type in dominant foci, and microextensive without continuity type in predominant parts. Invasion to lymph vessel was high average but no relationship with T and Stage, and invasion to fatty tissue and skin was increased with T and Stage. In scirrhous carcinoma the infiltration and invasion was observed. Infiltration and invasion was week in continuity type and high in without continuity type. Many of predominant parts in papillotubular carcinoma was macroexpansive without continuity type, and that of medullary tubular carcinoma was microextensive without continuity type.