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ガスクロマトグラフィーによる血清並びに膵液遊離アミノ酸に関する研究第1編 健常若年者と加令に於ける血清と膵液遊離アミノ酸の比較検討

Sasaki, Masahide
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The effect of aging on the free amino acid in serum and pancreatic juice was studied, particularly in relation to the concentraion and the secretion dynamics of them, followed by some interesting results. 1. Concentration fo almost all kinds of serum amino acids were decreased in the fasting state of the aged, especially in essential amino acid. Moreover, the concentration of free amino acid in the female aged was less than in the male aged. 2. The concentration of serum amino acid fluctuated more strongly in the aged after the injection of Pancreozymin and Secretin (P-S) and substantially, non-essential and glycogenic amino acid were augumented. 3. In the course of P-S stimulated amino acid secretion in pancreatic juice, the aged showed a delayed response time, at which the concentration of amino acid would reach the maximal level and also displayed the less fluctuated curb. 4. In totally recovered amino acids from pancreatic juice stimulated by P-S, the concentration of phenylalanine and arginine were significantly decreased in the aged, and also alanine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, glutamic acid and lysine were decreased.